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Rockwell: More than Just Good Food

November 19, 2014 10:01 am

Get it all at Rockwell, a venue featuring an amazing menu of eats along with entertaining stage shows. Shows are centered around recognizable Hollywood names and feature an evening of sing-along magic you won’t soon forget. The meal itself can’t be ignored either, with a menu of classic American dishes that spring to life under the hand of Chef Wayne. Happy hour runs seven days a week, 3 p.m. to 8 p.m., and features reduced prices on Rockwell’s selections of beverages and fare. Starters include the brie- and cranberry-topped Turkey Sliders, the Skillet Mac ‘n cheese complete with boursin and parmesan, and the Lobster Infused Deviled Eggs. Brunch enthusiasts will love Rockwell's chorizo and eggs dish and the BLT Kaiser with gruyere cheese and applewood smoked bacon.

1714 N. Vermont Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90027
(323) 669-1550

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Tips for Hosting a Successful Dinner Party

November 12, 2014 11:35 am

Inviting friends over for a home cooked meal sounds like a great idea—until it comes time for the meal planning, cooking, and house cleaning that go into hosting a dinner party. Don’t fret, because these simple tips will show you how to host a stress-free gathering and even have enough time to relax for a moment before your guests arrive.

  1. Be realistic about the guest list. Before planning a dinner party, ask yourself whom you really want to invite. Limit your list to only a few people if you live in a smaller place, and try to invite people whom you think would get along well.
  2. Plan the meal in advance. Never leave meal planning and shopping until the day before. Browse recipes about a week in advance, and go shopping a few days before. This leaves the day of the party for you to cook and prepare your home.
  3. Set a comfortable table. Make sure that your guests have plenty of napkins, water, and other necessities to limit the time you spend running to the kitchen.
  4. Enlist some help. There’s nothing wrong with asking a friend to help you host your party—in fact, this could even make it more fun.

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4 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Tea

November 6, 2014 10:01 am

Whether you prefer a soothing green or an English breakfast with a splash of milk, tea is a delicious treat that can be enjoyed a number of different ways. Even the most experienced tea drinker may not know everything about this steaming beverage, so here are a few fascinating tea facts.

  1. The word “tea” comes from the Chinese word “t’e,” which refers to the plant from which tea leaves are sourced. It's believed that tea was first discovered in China around 2737 B.C., when emperor Shen Nong found that a few leaves fell from the tree into water that his servants were boiling.
  2. All teas, from black to green to oolong, come from the same camellia sinensis plant. Their leaves are plucked from the same bush, but the fermenting process gives them their unique styles. Interestingly enough, herbal teas do not come from this plant because they are not true “teas” at all.
  3. Tea wasn’t grown in countries outside of China until the 19th century. Today, China still supplies around 29 percent of the world’s total tea, although its residents are not the biggest consumers. The United Arab Emirates takes that title, with each individual citizen consuming an average of 14 pounds per year.
  4. Green tea is considered the healthiest of all teas, and some even call it a “superfood.” Studies show that regularly drinking green tea may prevent against heart disease, certain forms of cancer, and diabetes!

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